The ephemeral data mapping workshop produced much interesting data by the participants and workshop leaders. Some of the work is shared here.

Construction of Urban Space through Graphic Semiotics
Joshua Singer (workshop leader)

Prompt:  Find instances of type in the Maracanã neighbourhood and speculate what systems they belonged to.

Map (with photos)

Text: Mapping (and writing about) this diachronic/diaspatial/dialogical system is an attempt to map it. It is an attempt to picture in the mind a cognitive geography. It is an attempt to build reality so we understand the reality we build.

The swirls of spray paint full of grace that adorn the rough hewn walls that secure the spaces of the city are, as in the periphery of the Maracanã stadium, visible boundaries of invisible forces. A mark of the no-man’s-land between chaos and order.

This border indicates actions and agents and processes in the urban landscape.

Cars and trucks and buses stream down between the curbs, between the wall and the concrete plain that collars the mound of stadium. Beyond the ordered and clean plain a thicket of buildings large and small, gates and fences, ribbons of sidewalk that swell and fall over and past thick roots. Shoulders brush as we walk past each other trying not to stumble on the edges and ripples between tree and steel fence. Cafes and bars tease with color and a cacophony of terrible typefaces to eat ice cream and drink beer.

(full document with photos here)

Sensibility and The Shifting Experience of Knowing Place
Rachele Riley (workshop leader)

Prompt: Create a list poem about areas of “mythic spaces.”






SkypeLab: Transcontinental Faces & Spaces

SkypeLab Rio Map.jpg

Taien Ng-Chan
(Workshop Co-Facilitator)

Ephemeral Map of Maracanã based on trajectories…

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